Toys bags have a new address!

The only address our toy bags had so far had our toy bags was our webshop, but they decided to leave and so recently have a beautiful shop in the heart of the Bundek Center – Male Stvari shop. How happy and proud we are in the ladder of 1 to ‘trillion million’? That much!

Whether you were a kid or not, when you enter the Male Stvari Shop, you have the feeling that you have entered the most creative world where there are no words like ‘you must’, ‘fast’, ‘dull’, ‘monotonous’. It’s a world you do not want to walk so fast. Each product tells your story, each whispering to your ear that is made with the highest dose of love and attention and it feels like it. Each product is nicer and slimmer than the other. A magic shop, wherever you turn, it’s a dilemma. That’s why we are so glad our bags have just found their place under the sun. Society, of course, is the finest scabies in the world. They fanstantly fit into the space and offer of the shoppers, if we can put a subjective impression.

vreća za igračke

And since we are very often wondering how big and durable our bags are and how they look in space, this is a great opportunity to check, feel, test, and fall in love at first glance! 😉

Hurry up, run at the Male Stvari Shop by your own bag!

vreća za igračke