How a Poster Is Created | I Need More Space

Almost every one of our posters has an interesting story about their origins. The same situation with the poster ‘I need more space‘ has become one of the favorites.

The first time we really thought we needed more space during the Christmas fever. The office is lined up (to the extent it can not be) with cards, posters, bags, tubes, papers all over the place … The space that looked like the office before became a jungle. Getting in could not be a mess! ???? The first thing I said to John was that we definitely needed more space. He, instead of seriously understanding me, understood this as a serious good idea for a new poster. When I saw the proposal, I forgot about all the rustling around me and said: THAT IS IT! It was a great game of words. ‘Space’ in English means space, but also space. That’s why we decided for this background if you ever asked. A-ha!

All in all, we have a pretty poster and a memoir on one of the happiest and most exciting days of the year when it seems to us that our universe would not be large enough.

P.S. Afterwards we figured that the moms also started to buy this poster. It makes sense, it makes sense. ☺