Croatian product – interactive baby chair Blanka

An interactive piece of furniture for children (adored by parents) which is a completely Croatian product.

Of all the things that have hitherto emerged from our small factory, the realization and production of an interactive chair for children was, without a doubt, the most demanding thing we did. Creating a fully Croatian product was harder than we expected …

The idea was the following: the child has a chair and can paint it as much as you want! Best of all, he can do it again, take off the cover from the chair, tear it in the washing machine and the chair is ready for re-dyeing.

The toughest task

Make a product made of A-Ž manufactured in Croatia. To have the full Croatian product was not easy, and it was not a cheap move in particular. The very fact that we have succeeded in making us, sincerely, very proud. We have gathered talented and marvelous people from Croatia, and each of them is credited with the fact that this project has come to life.

The proposal to produce a chair in Poland, material in India and sewing in China was unanimously rejected. Despite the fact that it would significantly reduce the costs and thus the final product price. Instead, a team from Atmosphere Architectural Engineering, illustrator Tena Letica, kind gentleman and Mrs. Šimić, and a father from Kamenica, got the chance to participate in creating something beautiful. Furthermore, the Croatian product!

Who has all been involved in the project

With the idea we first came to the architectural study Atmosphere whose task was to design and design an ergonomic chair for children, while being lightweight, simple and visually appealing. The table is made of impregnated styrofoam which makes it extremely light and there is no fear that kids will get injured when they wear it. And he will bring him everywhere with him. It is intended for children aged 0-4 years, although the chair is subject to the weight of adults (tested a person of 110 kg). ?

The Croatian illustrator Tena Letica made sure we had the most beautiful sample of the material that is also being made in Croatia. More than 50 different items are traced through the material, and among them are our characters.

Ladies from Kamenskog rounded the whole story when they had wonderfully molded the chair cover. The cover is easily removed from the chair so that it can be washed. The material is polyester, the pattern is not removed from it and can even be attached to the machine at a temperature of up to 60 degrees.

The table comes with 12 markers that are fabric-covered. Just put the chair cover in the machine at a temperature of up to 60 degrees and cover will be as new.

When we are already in the flush and painting of the chair, we get one question, more precisely the criticism that the child painting this chair would think how to paint the rest of the furniture. We believe in good upbringing. But, unfortunately, it is not included in the price of the chair.

Name of the chair

By the end, you might have wondered where the name of the chair was. As a chair in the hands of his new young owner came in completely empty, clean and white, it seemed more appropriate than his Blank (a) name. The imaginative owner comes forward to create whatever his creative mind comes to mind.

There is nothing nicer than creating beautiful memories through expressing creativity. What, ultimately, is the main Blankin goal.

P.S. Blanka can be ordered through our webshop (here), available immediately, and delivery is free of charge throughout Croatia.