Gift for baby birth!

A permanent memory and gift for the birth of a child

If some things in life should be celebrated and celebrated, baby birth is certainly one of those things. Finding an ideal child birth gift is sometimes not an easy task, especially since such a gift should be personalized so that Mom, Dad and Baby will remain a permanent memory of that day.

poklon za rođenje djeteta_1

How does one stork fit in all this?

For this reason, we have designed a poster that reveals all the essential figures and information about baby birth in a nice and gentle way. Her name, date and hour of birth, weight and height.

As little, they always told us that babies were brought by stork. To me, even when I grew up, the idea that the baby was brought by stork was still nice. That’s why I wanted the poster to be drawn up and a lady stork, with another nice detail – a postmark. 😉

poklon za rodjenje djeteta

I think there is nothing nicer than to give parents and baby a personalized baby gift. Each time they look at the poster, they will remind them of the happiest day in their life, and he will always proudly decorate the children’s room wall.

poklon za rođenje djeteta_2

At our webshop this poster comes in two colors, but if someone wants a different color on the poster, there is no problem. Just tell us your idea. 😉 Posters come in two dimensions, with or without their decision. A birthday poster can be ordered here, and a boy’s birth here. Delivery is free in the whole of Croatia.

poklon za rodjenje djeteta_3