The story of our first, dear customer!

The first things are remembering, right? Well, in our case this is not exactly because we absolutely forgot who just ordered our poster for the first three years and became our first customer ever! We recently remembered this and decided to all the forces (read: Stalker Skills) to find that person. And we succeeded. What’s the best of all, with our first buyer over the last three years, we’ve been in a super relationship … We decided to skim a couple of questions that were flipping on our head and then read an interesting look at our brand from the perspective of our first customer ever. People, meet Teresa!


1. Theresa, dating back to 2014, namely 16 December, sent us an inquiry and commissioned the order post. Do you remember what you ordered and what was the story about?

Of course I remember! I was looking for an ideal Christmas gift for her boyfriend. Somehow in those days he mentioned that he would like to have a quotation in his future office “The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.” When I discovered you the search came to an end.

2. What I’m particularly interested in is that you trusted the brand that appeared and presented to the public just two days before your order?

Frankly, I did not notice that there were only two days. When I sent the first query, the response was quick, we continued to negotiate, I got test versions of the design and everything was in a cheerful tone. I had the feeling that you really care to drop the poster as it was done after ordering and at no time did not suspect something could go wrong except the delivery date, but Emma immediately told me at the beginning.

3. Are you skeptical? That’s how you go to a Facebook page with 60 fans?

Not at all! The page looked attractive, all the posters available at that time were beautifully presented, all nicely explained. Everyone has to go somewhere. Whenever I came to your site for the first time, probably not all of your relatives and friends came to tell you. After your first order I got rid of your friends and some people got a message with a link to let you know, so you’ve got hundreds to come up with my help.
4. And how did you come across us at all? How did you find us? ?????

For some reason, I remember it was too late, I was in the laptop home and in the news of the headaches it came out that a girl from eSTUDENT spelled out your page (I think Eva Pavić is in question, if anything means decoding how did she come to you: D), I went to see what it was and that was it.

5. I remember when we opened our Facebook page, we waited for the first sunshine to inquire who would it be, what will it be, when it will be, haha …. And three years ago, when we came up with ideas – let’s find that person !! But did you know that you were our first buyer ever?

I did not, but I’d have been worried about it that I knew. I just assumed I was among the first.
6. It is the best of everything that we have been in contact with these three years … You still ordered us a couple of times and even collaborated on the eStudent project, remember? What did you like about Dilema that you decided to ‘come back’?

I continued to follow you after the first poster, you always have something nice and you are a new and homemade product (buy Croatian!). All future posters after the first were also gifted and hope to impress their owners with their originality. I remember the project, “No connection is no nonsense” – a lecture in Graphic School in Zagreb. Thank you for having responded then! And you know about me on the other hand, and how Emma and I knew how to talk and you agreed to hold a lecture. I am glad that two of you have come up with a wonderful, successful story of success, and that’s croatia!

7. What is your favorite poster and why?

I do not know which one I would specially distinguish. I know it is Doublechekc everything your first poster ever, had a blue background and he has always been very sympathetic to me. Always kiss the cook always reminds me of the guy from the beginning of the story.  Think outside the box is brilliant, as well as Yes I can, and when I see those colorful animal and fictional characters on child poster I rejoice in the name of my future children. But you have to gather everything!