Freckle the Lion Print

Meet Freckle the Lion, a good-hearted lion who wanted to get rid of his freckles. “Why?” you surely wonder. He wanted to sell his freckles because they made him seem friendly – soon enough, no animal was afraid of him anymore. And since he was supposed to be the most dangerous lion in the world, he got angry. One day, he met a giraffe who had more freckles than there were stars in the sky. Together they came up with a great game they both loved to play – counting freckles. They were never bored again. Lion The Freckle realized that being different doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Ever since that day, he loves his freckles.


100% acid free fine matte paper
Giclée unframed print
Designed in Croatia, loved by kids worldwide




The perks of being a kid

It’s pretty awesome being a kid, right? You get all the love & care in this world, while someone else is in charge of your hair or lunch. Pretty cool. One of our most favorite childhood memories are bedtime stories our parents told us. But they weren’t ordinary stories. No, sir! They were written and carefully captured in our parents’ hearts & minds which made them very special. No book had a story like ours. Oh, boy, did we enjoy imagining all those characters and their funny little adventures.

Today, all those characters are here with us! You’ve already met our cute little crew. Thanks to them, we were always able to explore our creativity & imagination. We love what we do & the biggest award is knowing our cute prints make kids & parents smile. Even if it’s just a tiny smile. It means the world to us.

Love and dedication go hand in hand – therefore, we will deliver our designs safely into yours, to keep. Enjoy them! Hopefully, they will put a sparkle in your heart, creativity and nursery.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Black Lines, Multicolor Lines


30 cm x 40 cm, 50 cm x 70 cm


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