Pictures for the Wall as a reflection of your personality – here’s how to achieve it!

Express your creativity through wall paintings by combining multiple styles and in all of this, enter a dose of creativity.

Forget about everything you’ve seen so far – when it comes to decorating the walls, all attention is currently focused on modern, minimalist and typographic wall paintings. Your home reflects the person who lives in it. Every choice is important, from the color of the walls to the pictures that you decide to set.

For this reason, we have designed wall paintings that contain modern, inspirational, motivating and humorous quotes and motifs. The trend in which the walls are decorated with artistic images or private photography is a thing of the past. Government moderate, sophisticated, simple, typographic and minimalist style. It is up to you to choose the one that best suits your personality and your home.

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Each wall image that we have in our offer is equally effective and adds a personal stamp to everyone’s wallet to your walls. You will agree that none of the rooms look completely furnished if the walls are empty, especially if they are larger rooms.

You will not make a mistake if you choose the typographic posters that are currently the most popular and the most popular choice. From years of experience, we have concluded that it is their greatest advantage because of its simple and striking design, it is ideally suited to all other styles, giving you the ability to play them and combine multiple styles.

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An example is shown above where we have used three wall pictures from our offer and merged them into one unit. The first abstract poster on the picture – Stockholm, an example of a minimalist poster in which we played with shapes and colors. The second is a simple and effective poster Ampersand that looks great when set up, but it’s even better if it links two images. And the third is Smile’s typographical poster that is the best accessory that is manually written and designed. The picture for the wall with the quotation perfectly completes the other styles.

Combining these three wall paintings, we’ve put together three different styles and brought them a dose of creativity. What would be your ideal combination for the wall?

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If you are looking for something with a sense of humor, we have designed a wide range of wall paintings that will perfectly match your needs. Typographic Posters with Humorous Expression – F ** ck It’s Let’s Go To New York, a Good Morning Motivation! Now Get Shit Done or the minimalist B Is For Books you can set each one individually or combine together. In this case, we typed all three typographic posters, and decided that one color prevailed on this wall to bring the content into the picture.

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If you are a fan of Scandinavian style and in your home dominate the minimalist details of this monochrome, you will surely like our collection of minimalist paintings. Abstract lines and monochromatic colors? The definition is the perfect harmony in space.

Remember, there is no wrong choice – play around and let your creativity come out when decorating the walls. And for all questions and concerns, we are at your disposal!