How did we equip 5 kindergartens in Croatia?

It has long existed in our heads … the idea of decorating a kindergarten with our posters. Before we got into this adventure, we knew the following:

a) Apart from the fact that they make their room more beautiful, our illustrations really make the kids smile on their faces. That’s what we got convinced.

b) kindergartens in Croatia have diurnal toes and little ones but most often have empty walls (we know, this is not the only thing missing).

We have concluded that we have the ability to somehow change, contribute, repair. In our offer for kids we have simplistic illustrations with characters each having their own story, an interesting anecdote, and on the other hand, we have educational posters. We thought that they would fit brilliantly into the deserted garden walls and thus beautify the space for the little ones who spend much of their time there.

There should be one!

The idea was to equip a nursery with our 8 framed posters. We also knew that the selection would be terribly difficult, but we will certainly be delighted.
On our Facebook page, in cooperation with, we announced that we are looking for ‘candidates’, ie kindergarten we would equip, and it was it is necessary to state the reasons why we should select it.

All in all, we knew a lot, but what we did not know was that more than 200 entries came from across Croatia.

‘Woooow’ was the first reaction, and ‘who would only choose one’ was the second.

Two hundred of the entries, ej! After we read them all over again, we still had a knight in the throat. Uf, which touchable, sympathetic, creative stories.

And then…

From one to five equipped kindergartens!

We got a call. Someone has decided to donate money to equip another kindergarten of our choice! Happiness on the square. He did not care about it …
The news spread and other wonderful people came to help us expand this action. At the beginning, only one kindergarten was in the plan, and in the end we were there equipped up to five and made sure every kindergarten was from one end of Croatia, so that we would not bother anyone.

We will never forget the moment when we told them that their nursery was chosen – what a beautiful and sincere euphoria. All in all, we just enjoyed it the provision of kindergartens, we know that we managed to cheer on the toes and the little ones. One is for sure – we do not stand!