Interactive Kids Chair Blanka

Designed and made in Croatia by Dilemma Posters
with the architecture studio Atmosfera
and illustrator Tena Letica
Comes with 12 washable felt-tipped pens
The chair’s cover is washable up to 60 degrees in the washing machine
Size: width 30cm / length 45 cm / height 43 cm
Made of styrofoam and quality textile cover which can be taken off, washed and reused

160.00 $



This interactive kids chair is entirely designed and made in Croatia. We’ve gathered talented people to make this project come to life. Just imagine being a kid and having your own piece of furniture – which you can color as you like. And when you’re done, you can simply ask your mom to wash it in the washing machine and you can start coloring it all over again. With this chair little owners will also get 12 washable felt-tipped pen. The cover of the chair is washable up to 60 degrees in the washing machine.


The chair was designed by the architecture studio Atmosfera from Zagreb, while the pattern was made by the Croatian illustrator Tena Letica. Former employees of the bankrupt clothing factory formed the Kamensko Association so they were in charge of making the best cover for the chair which can easily be taken off and washed.
The chair is made of impregnated styrofoam which makes it extremely light.

The design is simple yet catchy. Comfortable and interactive as it is, every kid will we a proud owner of Blanka. Oh, yes… the name. Well, since the chair gets to the little owners completely blank, the name seemed appropriate. It’s up to them to turn a blank piece of furniture into their own creation.


Width 32 cm / Depth 45 cm / Height 43 cm

The chair is safe and firm so it can take up to 100 kg of weight. We also encourage adults to try and color it because it’s contagious and fun. However, this chair is mostly intended to be used by kids age 1-4.

The cair will arrive with 12 washable felt-tipped pens.