Educational posters for children: Top 5

Educational posters for children

One day we posted on our Instagram a picture of our posters Four magical words with which it was withdrawn and the question of where all this poster should be found. The more I thought about it, I figured that I rarely hear someone say goodbye to the salespeople when they go to the store or say thank you. The word of forgiveness falls into the category of endangered words, is extinct. ‘Ha’ instead of ‘please’. Call me canned food, but when I hear kids are talking to older people, I want the culture of behavior to become a compulsory subject at school when she is not home yet.

To shorten the story, education! From the smallest leg. That is why I am very pleased that we have educational postcards in our offer, where parents and kids react very well. Malaysians are most often associated with schooling, even boring and monotonous, so through our educational posters and toy bags we decided to show that it is not difficult to learn the alphabet, the numbers, the basics of decency or all the planets. Educating kids can also be fun.

Here are our favorites:

Four magical words

edukativni posteri za djecu
vreća za odlaganje igrački

Diagonal Sun System / Circular Solar System

Alphabet / Numbers

edukativni posteri za djecu
edukativni posteri za djecu

Brush your teeth

edukativni posteri za djecu

Riba ribi grize rep

edukativni posteri za djecu

P.S. If you have any suggestions we could or should have done from educational posters, just let us know! 😉