Best plan in the world for the best planet in the world!

A short story about how this bag has become our favorite. ♥ ️

One bad proposition for the other, the series continued …

So it seemed to start the design of the text that will be found on our new bag. Until we had been in the car the same night, and we’d been baptized between ‘Best Plan ever – reycle’ or ‘Best planet ever – recycle’. Until we connect. We do not have to dump, we can connect them and get the best possible solution.

Best plan(et) ever.

The proposal this time has unanimously adopted a ‘yes’ from a jury (which, with a hand on the heart, consisted of one person). The designer rejected the mouse, received a calligraphy (but no joke) and came up with a super proposal. The bag was ready for launch in the orbit.

How would TopShop say, “But that’s not all!”

We knew that the Decree on the management of municipal waste came into force, and that at the beginning of each year households should receive a blue can of paper and cardboard. We knew the same (though we hoped for the opposite outcome) that the state would be late. Do not hurry. Allegedly, in the next half a year, everyone will have paper separation tanks. Allegedly. In addition, they say they need another four years to complete the entire waste separation system. In the meantime …

Our bag is ready. Separates paper in every home or office. It can be used for years and will never be empty. It will always have its purpose! Everyone gets good and benefits and looks great. Can we even say it though ours? 🙂

If you want to see the bag in your home or office, here’s where you can immediately order it:

And best of all, it comes in 5 days. The term and deadline for the state administration is still unknown. : *