Who We are


If you’re here, that means you would like to hear our story.

Right, so… Once upon a time, actually, two Christmases ago, a young couple had an idea of designing and printing adorable prints that everyone would love. It all started with a name. “What name?” you must be wondering. The brand name, it’s all about the brand name. You see, Dil is a graphic designer & Emma is the boss. When you put their names together, you get Dilemma. Pretty cool, huh?

As they both love comics, books, calligraphy, typography and interior design they’ve established Dilemma Posters and focused on inspirational prints – most of them are handwritten typography signs & nursery illustrations. Oh, how they love the process of writing words on paper and the sparkle in the eye of a person who gets the print. It’s magic! It’s what keeps them going!

And don’t forget, while browsing through the shop, a true dilemma will be which prints to choose!